This Week’s Warmth

This week is February vacation for me. It has been amazing, all sunny, and warm. Yesterday the temperatures reached to 61 degrees Fahrenheit, which is way warmer than usual. Last year we didn’t have any snow on Christmas, and throughout the rest of the season, there was very little. Even then though, there wasn’t a day during February that was this warm.

This year’s weather is contradicting what the groundhog said. We are supposed to have 6 extra weeks of winter! I assume that this is not the last of the cold weather though.

About a week and a half ago, I was forced to shovel off my family’s trampoline so that it wouldn’t be ruined. I needed my dad’s help, after the long, cold, winter storm had hit the night before. I even had to shovel off an area for my dog outside, so she could actually walk around. It was insane. As you can imagine, shoveling for hours was very tiring.

My school is one of those schools who doesn’t take days off for snow days, unless it is really necessary. We were one of the three only schools who had to go on Wednesday last week in my entire state.

And yet this week, I have been able to go outside without a winter jacket. Yesterday I was jumping on the trampoline I had shoveled off last week, with a t-shirt on, because it was in the 60’s. Today is another promising day, and I am excited to get out there with my younger brother and jump some more.


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