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A Dog’s Purpose Cancellation

Perhaps you have already heard of this; A Dog’s Purpose (a new movie)’s premiere has been cancelled. First, what is this movie about? It’s about a dog that is born with a loving owner, but grows old. He finds that he comes back to life as a different dog each time he dies. His goal is to find his first owner and somehow let him know that he is back, and to help his owner through a difficult time in the owner’s later life.

This movie sounds nice, and I was looking forward to seeing it, but then I saw a video on the news. It was a video that had a German Shepherd, who seemed to be forced into a fast rush of water. Now at first I was really surprised and angry, but then I learned more about what was happening.  I saw this video on the news before any statement from the movie makers was made. But I was curious about what was happening.

Now I don’t know if I believe this or not, and you can see if you do too in the video below, but according to ABC, this was not abuse at all. The German Shepherd was just not comfortable with entering on that specific side of the “pool”. The video was edited. As soon as he was on the other side again, he was very happy to be swimming.

Still, the A Dog’s Purpose premiere is cancelled, and I’m not sure if they will continue with it or not. The video below should help you make your own opinion. Is it still abuse? Should they have cancelled the premiere?

ABC Video


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