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The First Day Back

The first day back to school after a vacation. After summer, it’s almost exciting. After February break, it’s just not. It feels like this past vacation week lasted forever, but at the same time was way too short. I miss the warm days on the trampoline, going to bed at 11, and sleeping in until ten.

But today was my first day back. A day spent reviewing, and reminding us where we left off. They reminded me of the hardships yet to come in the 3/8 remaining of the school year. New material, and some upcoming state tests. The thought of it makes me cringe. I know that I’m not the only one who feels this way. My friends were walking aimlessly, no longer with any purpose. The only upside in the day was not having to do a ton of work. Because we were reviewing, we just talked about what we went over.

My friends and I talked a lot about our vacations. No one did anything amazingly exciting, but none the less, it is terrible that we most be back at school. No more late nights. No more late mornings. No more tasty packaged lunches. No more warm days. The cold has set in once again. Now it’s back to February.


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