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The Weather is Frightful

It’s been a while since that warm spring February vacation. I miss it quite a lot.

WARNING: Sarcasm/Slight Exaggeration Below

It all started on Monday. I woke up, and the cold spell had hit overnight. The day before was filled with sunshine and warmth, and now utter and complete coldness. I walked down to the bus, shivering in my light jacket. Hair was up, so nothing shielded my ears from the frighteningly cold wind. The bus came and the door opened, inside I went. I sat down on what felt like an ice box, but it was a seat. So began the beginning of the cold times.

Okay now I’ll be serious.

It has been two weeks and the conditions of weather haven’t changed for the better. I am the type of person who likes snow. I also like heat. I’m not in between. There cannot be cold with no snow. That’s what is happening right now. Some days it’s 0 degrees Fahrenheit, and others are in the 40’s. A few days ago it was -2 in the morning but by the afternoon, it was in the upper 40’s. Last night it snowed, and today it rained, melting even more snow!

CAUTION: Slight Sarcasm Below

I’m only sad that the earth has given us a taste of the warm weather, the taste of freedom from our encumbering clothes, only to become cold and wet again.


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