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The Weekend Homework Problem

There are many weekends where I have homework due by Monday. This weekend was a special case. I have homework in every single class. I have work that ranges from interpreting data to conducting an interview. I have financial projects due, and I have to read a book. Even just writing this is stressing me out a little.

I never know if I should do weekend homework on Friday night or wait until Sunday. It usually depends on what I’m doing on Sunday. If I’m going out of town on Sunday, I might do it Saturday. If I’m busy on Saturdays too, I’ll do it on Fridays.

There are two very inconvenient things about weekend homework:

  1. I have to spend some of my off school time working on school stuff.
  2. The work looms over my head all weekend until I’m done with it.

All of this homework guarantees hours of time used for it. So I guess I better get started.


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