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Beautiful Birds and a Beautiful Day

It happened last week. The world started waking up from it’s hibernation, and this time didn’t seem to be a trick. April 1 had brought with it 6 inches of snow! It was mother nature’s terrible trick.

But now, there is no going back. There is no going back for all of the trees that are budding, the greening grass, or the tiny buds popping out of the ground. There is no going back for all of the geese that have migrated hundreds of miles to be here.

I went down my driveway to catch the bus and I heard two noises. The birds calling. The geese flapping above me as the wind gently shook the cold trees. Then the rushing water, from the stream by my house. It was definitely spring.

I walked down the driveway and I wondrous sight lay below my feet. The dirt hadn’t frozen, it was mud! It was amazing feeling. I didn’t have to worry about slipping down the driveway.

The season’s transition was very sudden. It was warm, cold, then warm. It is 70 degrees Fahrenheit right now. I am finally hopeful that this is how it will stay. Today I am very sick. I had to stay home from school. I’m angry that I don’t feel good enough to go out on the trampoline, but at the same time, I get to sit in the sun while my classmates take a math test.


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