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The Busy Month

Spring, the birds, the peaceful sound of wind chimes outside the open window. That is want, a peaceful day. But since I have come back from April vacation…

Spring is here, and along with it comes lots of busy days. The last entirely busy month was maybe December for me. I had to do a lot of stuff. I play the trumpet, I was in a play, and Christmas had been coming. Now I have my birthday, a school dance, a spring concert, Memorial Day, tests from our teachers, and from the state, and I’m going up a grade. Not to mention the teachers, stepping it up to prepare me and my classmates for next year. Oh, and don’t forget all of the field trips that are crammed into these final few months. 

Almost 30 days left of school until we are out for the summer, and then we’re back. That season will be busy too. But these last few months-weeks of school are really exciting. Things are ramping up, but the teachers here will start to get into more exciting material, and we might even be able to go outside and do cool projects. 

It’s times like these that I’m glad. I’m not grown up yet. It’s unbelievable the stress that you all have to put up with. So I am not complaining in the slightest, I’m just expressing myself on paper.

I’m a hyper person, so I like being busy, it keeps me on my toes. So May, you’re welcome here! Summer, here we come!


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