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What I’m Reading/What I Recommend

I absolutely love books. I’m not to picky either. I typically prefer fiction, and once I start a good book, it’s practically impossible to pull me away from it. Today I want to share with you a few of the books I’ve been reading, and that I want to read.

  1. Since You’ve Been Gone (Morgan Matson)

Since You’ve Been Gone is book I got for Christmas, and it is really good. It’s about a girl that is separated from her best friend, who suddenly just poofed. All that her BFF leaves behind is a to do list, which consists of things the main character would never do otherwise. Yes her friend disappeared, but don’t worry if you aren’t a mystery fan, this is not a scary story. I would highly recommend it, if you are into teen books. It’s definitely not for everyone. I haven’t finished it, but I’m hooked.


2. The Rose Society (Marie Lu)

The Rose Society is the second book in the series Young Elites. Young Elites is about a girl who had the plague when she was younger, and she survived. She was left with a gift, a power to create illusions so real that they can kill you. This series is basically for Young Adult readers. It is by Marie Lu, who also wrote Legend, another favorite series of mine. I like this series so much. My summary of this is so vague, but if you’re interested, I encourage you to check out a better summary. It is my second favorite series I’ve ever read.


3. Secrets to Breaking Into the Film and Television Business (Dean Silvers)

This is a more fictional book, but it is good. I haven’t made much progress, but this is really interesting. The film business is something I’ve always liked, and this book tells me how to get there if I’m interested in getting a career here. If you are into a good educational read, you can learn a lot from this fantastic book.


4. The Winner’s Curse (Marie Rutkowski)

Where do I start? I’m not far into this book. I had just finished Rose Society and I was looking for a new book. I knew there was little chance that I could find a book to rival the one I’d just read. But it has. The Winner’s Curse is very good. It’s about a girl who lives in a rich society and find a slave, they have chemistry. I haven’t got very far, but it’s very good, and very addictive.


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The Busy Month

Spring, the birds, the peaceful sound of wind chimes outside the open window. That is want, a peaceful day. But since I have come back from April vacation…

Spring is here, and along with it comes lots of busy days. The last entirely busy month was maybe December for me. I had to do a lot of stuff. I play the trumpet, I was in a play, and Christmas had been coming. Now I have my birthday, a school dance, a spring concert, Memorial Day, tests from our teachers, and from the state, and I’m going up a grade. Not to mention the teachers, stepping it up to prepare me and my classmates for next year. Oh, and don’t forget all of the field trips that are crammed into these final few months. 

Almost 30 days left of school until we are out for the summer, and then we’re back. That season will be busy too. But these last few months-weeks of school are really exciting. Things are ramping up, but the teachers here will start to get into more exciting material, and we might even be able to go outside and do cool projects. 

It’s times like these that I’m glad. I’m not grown up yet. It’s unbelievable the stress that you all have to put up with. So I am not complaining in the slightest, I’m just expressing myself on paper.

I’m a hyper person, so I like being busy, it keeps me on my toes. So May, you’re welcome here! Summer, here we come!

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Beautiful Birds and a Beautiful Day

It happened last week. The world started waking up from it’s hibernation, and this time didn’t seem to be a trick. April 1 had brought with it 6 inches of snow! It was mother nature’s terrible trick.

But now, there is no going back. There is no going back for all of the trees that are budding, the greening grass, or the tiny buds popping out of the ground. There is no going back for all of the geese that have migrated hundreds of miles to be here.

I went down my driveway to catch the bus and I heard two noises. The birds calling. The geese flapping above me as the wind gently shook the cold trees. Then the rushing water, from the stream by my house. It was definitely spring.

I walked down the driveway and I wondrous sight lay below my feet. The dirt hadn’t frozen, it was mud! It was amazing feeling. I didn’t have to worry about slipping down the driveway.

The season’s transition was very sudden. It was warm, cold, then warm. It is 70 degrees Fahrenheit right now. I am finally hopeful that this is how it will stay. Today I am very sick. I had to stay home from school. I’m angry that I don’t feel good enough to go out on the trampoline, but at the same time, I get to sit in the sun while my classmates take a math test.

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My 8 Choices for Good Movies to See This Year

There are quite a few interesting sounding movies coming out in the coming year. Here is a list of 8 movies I’m interested in. These are not in order. 

1.Guardians of the Galaxy 2

I saw the first one, and I’m hoping this one can live up to the hype. I first found Guardians of the Galaxy in a trailer that was showing at a cinema I went to. I think that I was going to see Avengers 2 or some other Marvel movie when the trailer came on. Instantly I turned around and said to my mom, we need to see that movie. So now I need to see this movie.

2.  Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Actually the first Pirates movie came out the year I was born, but Pirates of the Caribbean might have been the first pg-13 series I’ve ever seen. I’m excited for this one, and I hope that it’s good.

3. Wonder Woman

I’m more of a Marvel superhero movies kind of girl, but I hope that this woman can change my way of thinking about DC movies.

4. Spider-Man Homecoming

There is a new Spider-man in town and I hope that he can be as good as the last. I didn’t like him at first, but I’m starting to. Go Tom Holland!


5. Cars 3

I own this series too, so I’m interested. The second cars was my favorite movie for a long time. Not to mention, the plot for this story sounds interesting. Check it out for yourself sometime.

6.  The Circle

It’s all about technology and surveillance. The main character (played by Emma Watson) is hired to help a company (owned by Tom Hank’s character) that pushes people’s personal boundaries. What will she do? It kind-of sounds interesting to me.

7. Star Wars: the Last Jedi

I don’t think that these movies are as good as LucasFilms but man, Rogue One was pretty okay! Maybe this one can change my mind?

8. War for the Planet of the Apes

When I rented Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, it was high on my list of favorite movies. I’m hoping that this one’s just as good, and I’m interested.


Well there they all are, 8 movies I want to see this year. I’m really looking forward to seeing at least a few of them in theaters. Which ones do you agree with. Which ones would you change or add? There are a few I’m on the fence about. I’m excited for this year’s movies though. There are quite a few good ones.

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The Weekend Homework Problem

There are many weekends where I have homework due by Monday. This weekend was a special case. I have homework in every single class. I have work that ranges from interpreting data to conducting an interview. I have financial projects due, and I have to read a book. Even just writing this is stressing me out a little.

I never know if I should do weekend homework on Friday night or wait until Sunday. It usually depends on what I’m doing on Sunday. If I’m going out of town on Sunday, I might do it Saturday. If I’m busy on Saturdays too, I’ll do it on Fridays.

There are two very inconvenient things about weekend homework:

  1. I have to spend some of my off school time working on school stuff.
  2. The work looms over my head all weekend until I’m done with it.

All of this homework guarantees hours of time used for it. So I guess I better get started.